La viuda de Chris Cornell demanda a Soundgarden

10 diciembre, 2019
Redaccíon: asier

Chris Cornell (2015)

Vicky Cornell, la viuda de Chris Cornell, ha sido noticia este fin de semana dentro del sector musical, después de anunciar que ha demandado a los componentes de Soundgarden.

Tal y como ha desvelado la web estadounidense TMZ, Vicky Cornell reclama los derechos asociados a un total de siete grabaciones que Chris Cornell registró antes de su fallecimiento y que, en principio, iban a formar parte del nuevo disco de Soundgarden.

Como era de esperar, la demanda no hace más que embarrar la relación entre la viuda de Cornell y los miembros de la formación de Seattle, que además incluye una solicitud de pago por los royalties relacionados con la colaboración de Chris Cornell con Soundgarden.

Antes de dejaros con el comunicado de Vicky Cornell, deciros que este tema tiene un extra negativo añadido. Y es que esta demanda imposibilita la publicación de todo este material por parte de la mítica banda de grunge.

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I have been taking time these past few weeks to be grateful for all the good people around me and for those who have lifted me up at the very worst times in my life. The silver lining, during the storm, is finding and appreciating the subtle glow of those who sincerely support you in your life unconditionally. However, sometimes while you grieve the one you physically lost, you realize that you must now grieve the loss of some of those you considered friends and family as well. I am shocked at how often this occurs. It’s not just me, or the rock-star widow, or the political widow; it is the case for the vast majority of women after their partners have passed. It transcends socio-economic class, race, and religion. It is an unpleasant and unfortunately all too common theme. Hard-hearted family members, friends, and business associates; who will exploit a widow’s vulnerability when she’s broken and alone. These other people who have decided that her time is up as well. Through support groups and other widowed friends, and during both difficult and supportive conversations, I have learned that I am not a unique case. This seems to be the inevitable plight of the widow in this world and I cannot help feeling angry, sad and betrayed. I will not be bullied or shamed into silence. I will not accept something so wrong, so lacking in compassion or decency, even with the clear but unspoken threat of social rejection hanging over me. This was not the way I would have chosen to move forward. But I will not be pushed aside for someone else’s convenience or gain. I will not sacrifice our children’s futures for someone else’s greed. And I will not let someone else make me feel shame because the man I loved was taken from all of us too soon. I will do justice by my husband’s work and memory; for our children and for everything we stood for. I want to thank everyone who has stood by Chris and has supported us through this devastating time. Your love and your kindness will never be forgotten. #chriscornell forever ?

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