Let’s Go Eat the Factory

Año: 2011

Grupo: Guided by Voices

Let’s Go Eat the Factory
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Let’s Go Eat the Factory


1. "Laundry and Lasers" 2:38
2. "The Head" 1:10
3. "Doughnut for a Snowman" 1:44
4. "Spiderfighter" (Tobin Sprout) 3:35
5. "Hang Mr. Kite" 1:40
6. "God Loves Us" 1:28
7. "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" (Mitch Mitchell, Jim Pollard, R. Pollard, Sprout) 1:53
8. "Who Invented the Sun" (Sprout) 1:21
9. "The Big Hat and Toy Show" (Greg Demos, J. Pollard, R. Pollard) 2:12
10. "Imperial Racehorsing" 2:54
11. "How I Met My Mother" 1:02
12. "Waves" (Sprout) 3:22
13. "My Europa" 1:48
14. "Chocolate Boy" 1:31
15. "The Things That Never Need" (Sprout) 1:11
16. "Either Nelson" 2:04
17. "Cyclone Utilities (Remember Your Birthday)" (Mitchell, R. Pollard) 2:50
18. "Old Bones" (Sprout) 2:03
19. "Go Rolling Home" (Demos, R. Pollard) 0:34
20. "The Room Taking Shape" (Demos, R. Pollard) 0:43
21. "We Won't Apologize for the Human Race" 4:01

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