Ghost on Ghost

Año: 2013

Grupo: Iron & Wine

Ghost on Ghost
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Ghost on Ghost


1. "Caught in the Briars" 3:12
2. "The Desert Babbler" 3:27
3. "Joy" 2:30
4. "Low Light Buddy of Mine" 3:29
5. "Grace for Saints and Ramblers" 3:36
6. "Grass Widows" 2:53
7. "Singers and the Endless Song" 3:38
8. "Sundown (Back in the Briars)" 2:18
9. "Winter Prayers" 3:11
10. "New Mexico's No Breeze" 4:27
11. "Lovers' Revolution" 5:40
12. "Baby Center Stage" 5:39

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