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Everyday Robots


Listado de canciones

"Everyday Robots" 3:57 "Hostiles" 4:09 "Lonely Press Play" 3:42 "Mr Tembo" (featuring. The Leytonstone City Mission Choir) 3:43 "Parakeet" 0:43 "The Selfish Giant" (featuring. Natasha Khan) 4:47 "You and Me" (featuring. Brian Eno) 7:05 "Hollow Ponds" 4:59 "Seven High" 1:00 "Photographs (You Are Taking Now)" 4:43 "The History of a Cheating Heart" 4:00 "Heavy Seas of Love" (featuring. Brian Eno & The Leytonstone City Mission Choir) 3:44

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