Crystal Fighters rinden homenaje a su ex-batería en el videoclip para 'Lay Low'

7 febrero, 2017
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Crystal Fighters (2016)

Crystal Fighters han estrenado hoy un nuevo videoclip que tiene como principal objetivo promocionar Lay Low, una de las canciones incluidas en su último disco Everything Is My Family.

El vídeo ha sido dirigido por Wayne McCauslin y producido por el estudio Backyard Society, y tal y como la propia banda indica su descripción, el vídeo está inspirado en su ex-batería y amigo Andrea Marongiu que falleció el pasado 2014:

Lay Low was inspired by the passing of our brother and drummer, Andrea Marongiu, and the main singalong came from an impromptu backstage chant, at one of our final shows together. Andrea brought Crystal Fighters alive when he joined the family with his phenomenally skillful drumming, and immeasurably lifted the spirit of the band, and whoever crossed his path, as one of the kindest and most charismatic gentlemen out there.

This song is about looking after your friends and family; it's about taking the time to try and leave a positive impact on earth every day, as if it's your last. It's about remembering to hug and high five your friends every time you see them, and to take the time to appreciate every moment we are given here on this beautiful planet. With this song we pay homage to the miracle of the known, the mystery of the unknown, and our limited time within it. We couldn't be happier to release this video today, with everything going on in the world right now, and hope it brings you joy and inspiration.

Crystal Fighters - Lay Low

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