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Cat Power postpone su gira por España


Sun - Cat Power

¡Vaya rollo¡ Desconocemos que realmente le pasa a Chan Marshall, pero parece que su objetivo durante las últimas semanas está siendo volvernos locos. Después de casi anular su gira europea y confirmar, poco después, que finalmente si se llevaría a cabo, Cat Power ha anunciado que la gira se pospondrá hasta principios de 2013.

Con todo esto, el Primavera Club Madrid 2012 y Primavera Club Barcelona 2012 se quedan sin la presentación de Sun, el nuevo disco de la artista norteamericana, y nosotros con un nuevo comunicado realizado a través de Instagram…que vuelve a resumirse en problemas de salud y financieros.

Quedamos a la espera de nuevas fechas…si Chan quiere. Por cierto, os dejamos con el comunicado de Cat Power:

"As many of my fans know, I've been suffering from angioedema. It can attack at random & is extremely frightening and dangerous when it hits my throat, windpipe, or tongue, and I've been hospitalized for it eight times since the first attack, 2 DAYS AFTER MY RECORD RELEASE. Since then, I worked very very hard with all the best allergists, cardiologists, neurologists, accupuncurists, homeopathists & renowned healers that I could find, Body Talk, Reiki, Yoga, etc. so that I COULD DO THIS AMERICAN TOUR. I did my best & I want to do MORE & BETTER.
"The American tour has been wonderful and amazing, and with me being unable to AFFORD to bring my show with full production, (which i helped create) to Europe, financially, really dumped a huge additional amount of stress on me as i was and still am fighting trying to get tour support.
"I have to postpone my European tour until early next year, so I can return home and re-engage myself back into my health regimen.
"I fucking love my fans. Everything I do regarding my career, I FIRST, think of my fans and this world we all share. But right now, I HAVE TO think of myself because I have to learn trough meditation & being clear from alcohol & cigarettes & red meat and lots of rest amongst my menagerie of doctors.... I have to think of MYSELF right now because I have to now LEARN to heal myself. Through that, I can learn to help others to heal themselves. I know my fans will understand and I thank them and love them much more than I believe they could ever know. I am here and do what I do, for them and because of them. You have kept me alive this long, I refuse to give up on you OR MYSELF. And that goes to all the journalists who write a true story as well. To you all in the struggle. May light be on your path at every step."


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